Painting commissions

We at Ru&Chai do commissioned paintings according to client requirements. A couple of our popular types of paintings are Travel Memories and Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits

If you have a cute pet or if you want to gift your friend their pet's portrait, then we would love to do that for you! 

Following are some of the commissioned Pet Portraits we did based on their photos. 



Dog portrait  golden retriever pet portrait


Travel Memories

We sometimes get commissions such as the customers want to gift their better-half or friend a painting of memory of their trip. Wouldn't it make a beautiful gift for an avid traveler!? :)

The travel memory can be anything from beaches to snow mountains etc. It can be a starry night with a campfire or day time or a beautiful sunset. Following are some of the samples which we did.

travel memory   himalaya travel memory

We make paintings on the basis of photos shared by you, or sometimes you can just let us know the brief, based on which we draw couple of rough sketches & finalize the painting.

   beach couple painting


All these paintings are in different sizes. Price of the painting depends on the size and complexity of the painting.

If you have something in mind like above or even other than these subjects that you would like us to paint, get in touch with us using the form below. We would love to paint for you!