How do I get in touch with you?
You can contact us here by filling this form or simply write to us at ruandchai@gmail.com 


I have just ordered online, when will I receive my order?
We will ideally ship your product in 3-5 days. The delivery will vary based on the location. We also send out an email to you after we ship your product, so you can track the order.

I received a damaged product. What should I do?
Don't worry! If any damage has occurred to the product during shipment, send us an email along with a photo to ruandchai@gmail.com. Upon confirmation, we can replace it if brought to our notice within 72 hours from the date of being delivered. We will send the replacement asap. :)

I need a product to be delivered on urgent basis. Is urgent delivery possible ?
We don't have an option for urgent delivery. But you can write to us via this form or email at ruandchai@gmail.com and we can see if we can help with the speedy delivery.

Delivery was attempted but I was unavailable, what now?
Delivery people usually attempt the delivery twice. Please make sure someone is available to pick the items. If you miss the delivery twice then it would be returned to us. We then would need to re-ship it to you after receiving payment for additional delivery charges.

What are the delivery charges?
Delivery charges depend on the total weight and volume of the product ordered. You will be charged accordingly at the checkout.

Why isn't shipping free?
Well the delivery guy needs to be paid, no? :)
If we are buying anything online where it says 'free shipping', it is always a hidden cost in price of the product we are buying.

How do I track my shipment?
After we ship your order, we will send you a mail with the tracking details. You can follow the guidelines given in the mail to track your order.

Are you open for Collaborations?
It really depends on the kind of collaboration it is. But we would like to hear what you have in mind. Do shoot us an email (ruandchai@gmail.com). :)

Do you ship internationally?
We are figuring out an option for this. We will soon update on the same. Till then, you can always send stuff to your India home and collect it when you are in India or get it internationally if a friend is coming over.

Can I change delivery address of the item I ordered?
If we are yet to ship your order, we can change the delivery address. Write to us using this form or email us at ruandchai@gmail.com as soon as you can. If order is shipped already, we wont be able to change the address. In such cases, the shipment will return to us. We then would need to re-ship it to you after receiving payment for re-shipping charges.

Will I get a full refund upon cancelling the order?

You can cancel your order if we haven't shipped your order yet, in which case, we will credit a full refund. The order cannot be canceled once it has already been shipped.



I want to get a commissioned painting done, how should I proceed ?
Thanks for your interest. You can write to us at ruandchai@gmail.com with details of your requirement and we will take it from there.

What are the prices for commissioned paintings?
Prices of commissioned paintings depend on the size and complexity of the painting. You can get in touch with us with the requirement and we will quote you the price.

I want to get a portrait done for my friend. Is it possible?
We do make commissioned paintings, but we don't make human portraits. That said if your friend is a avid traveler, you can give them a cool travel memory commissioned painting or if he/she has a pet, we can paint a portrait of their pet. :) 



From where can I book my seat for the workshop?
You can click here to book.

When is your next workshop?
We keep updating on our instagram page - instagram.com/ruandchai and also here.
Do you want to get notified via email about our next workshop? If yes do share your email id and we will notify you. You can write to us at ruandchai@gmail.com or send us a DM on instagram.com/ruandchai.

Any workshops in cities other than Pune?
We would love to! We are exploring possibilities of having workshops in other cities. Hopefully soon! Do sign up for our newsletter or send an email to ruandchai@gmail.com or ping us on instagram.com/ruandchai if you want to get notified about our workshops in your city. Do let us know the name of your city as well.

I have attended the workshop, when will I get the photos?
We usually send out an email to our participants in 2-3 days after the workshop. It provides instructions to access the photos from the event.